Draft Beer Wall




Step up the bar program at your wedding or special event with this awesome draft beer wall.  Constructed with antique barn wood the package comes with all you need to tap each keg and cool the beer as it flows to the taps on front. 


1 beer Tap - $475 plus delivery
2 beer taps - $550 plus delivery
3 beer taps - $625 plus delivery
4 beer taps - $700 plus delivery 

*$10 per tap specialty beer charge for any imported or craft brands 



  • Keg wall - rented through Janet Makrancy’s Weddings and Parties

  • Keg buckets - fits up to a 1/2 keg

  • Keg connections - send brand info so we can make sure we have the right connections

  • Cooler box - too cool the beer after it comes out of the keg

  • Taps with plain black handles - upgrades available!

  • Chalkboard sign to list brands

  • Hole covers for spaces on wall not used

  • Co2 tank and distribution system

  • Canvas covers to cover up kegs and keep things nice and tidy

  • Overflow buckets for foam when pouring

  • Cleaning service - because you are off to your honeymoon!


  • Kegs of beer - WE DO NOT PROVIDE BEER.

  • Ice

  • Glassware - we can help source this as well.

  • Responsible drinkers

  • Venue approval - we will reach out to your venue and help work out the details of service etc. See a list of venues we have already worked with here.

Find out more details on our Draft Beer FAQ page.