Beer Wall FAQ

+ How do I book this for my event?

Contact us here and we can work out the details and get you a quote.

+ How should I coordinate this with my caterer or beverage vendor?

Please check with your location that they will allow the keg wall to be in place. Some will require a bar tender to stand by and assist in serving your guests. This is to ensure no one has too much to drink.

+ Where does the beer wall come from? Why is it separate from the tap system?

The actual wall is provided by Janet Makrancy's Weddings and Parties but can be booked through us as well. For years Janet and her team have produced great decor and flowers for weddings. Part of their rental inventory includes a great beer wall but they did not want to supply a beer tap system. We decided to partner with them on making it possible for brides and grooms to have draft beer at their weddings in a fund an unique way.

+ Is this the only design?

For now this is the only design in stock but we can produce something custom for you. Just ask More designs are coming soon including a super cool bar cart made out of a 70's pop up camper.

+ What is the delivery timeframe?

Delivery for the tap system should be set to take place once the keg wall and your beer kegs are on site if possible. That way we can fully set up and test your system.

+ Can I set it up myself?

Currently this is not an option but we hope to be able to supply DIY kits in the future.

+ How does the beer get cold?

The beer flows through our special cooler box which has a metal coil inside that is covered with ice. The metal coil cools the beer that is then sent to the tap, then your guests glass ice cold.

+ Do I need to keep the kegs cold?

For long events we suggest keeping the kegs cold in addition to having ice in the jockey box.

+ Why do you need to know what brands of drinks I am having?

Different brands have different taps so we need to know what type to supply to make sure everything flows smoothly.

+ Do you provide bartenders?

Yes! Bar Cart Events can supply bar tenders for your event and much more. Feel free to ask!

+ Can Bar Cart Events provide the beer

Unfortunately not right now. You will have to purchase through one of our or your venues prefered vendors. All purchases, keg deposits and delivery costs for the kegs will need to go through them.